Sommarträning: Embodying forms

Datum: 10 - 14 aug 2020

Tid: 9.30 - 11.30

Ort: Malmö

In this class, we will explore how we can approach form in dance, through activating bodily awareness and connectivity, rather than through the mere reproduction of a shape. Through inviting a body-felt sense of specific anatomical structures and through the direct application of this body-felt knowledge to specific dance forms.

We will approach form from the perspective of a dialogue between inside-out and outside-in. Integrating anatomical knowledge through its direct application to dance, this class aims at exploring and giving technical tools that are anchored in our bodily awareness, at fully engaging in our movement without leaving any body part behind us.

Arrangeras av Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Syd.

Träningen är öppen och utan kostnad för professionella frilansdansare och ingen föranmälan krävs. Läs mer på Dansalliansens hemsida.