Möt koreografen Anton Valdbauer

Datum: 14 - 18 okt 2019

Ort: Malmö

Leading points, tension levels and a strong emphasis on pure physical theatre. We will play physical and mental games and use the approach of learning thought playing. Connecting to our ”inner child” and use this as a base for experiment and exploration

Antons classes are a combination of various contemporary dance techniques. Using improvisation as a foundation, his classes allow the participant to explore movement and experiment with body language in different ways. During warm up section the work will be on the entire structure of the body preparing muscles, bones and nerve system for further deeper approach. Then he will move to more physical sections working on the strength, coordination, energy and stamina.

The workshop will be split in two blocks each day, but with the possibility to change or swap them around

I block – repertoire work of Mats Ek and Johan Inger

II block – improvisation/choreography tools/experiments

Workshopen är ett samarbete mellan Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Syd

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