Lab intensive: Presence and the physicality of text

Datum: 18 - 22 mar 2019

Ort: Malmö

The objective of this workshop is to understand as performer the idea of what it is to be present in a physical, creative, non-verbal and textual level.

Maria start with a body warm-up, going through various physical and energetic exercises from elements of contemporary dance and acting physical exercises, leading into voice work, looking to find expressions of the vocal instrument and allowing it to reach a state of ‘presence’. Performative exercises are then used to encourage this presence but without text, thus preparing and refining the body of the performer.

Once the body is ready, Maria use Meisner technique (Actors Studio) to understand the vulnerability of the performers, their emotional states and impulses. From there, we will approach the work of integrating and personalizing text and subtext by using American acting techniques of psychological realism.

With these processes, she seek to challenge the performer, taking them from their comfort zones to allow new interpretative opportunities that strengthen their skills. Creating new possibilities by embracing failure, insecurity or unknown fields of working. Maria work with embracing the process and not the result, as a form of creative progress. This focus is in direct preparation for better facing the contemporary requirements of directors in the European scene.

Maria Stamenković Herranz Diploma in Dance from Brunel University, Marie Rambert School of Contemporary and Ballet and Contemporary Dance and later graduated from Maggie Flanigan Conservatory of Acting in Meisner Technique. After her studies she worked as a dancer, performer, actress and director with Sol Picó, Jan Fabre, Alex Rigola and Marina Abramovic among others.

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